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December 10, 2010 / Bika

Hello Cataclysm!

The new WoW expansion is awesome. I’ve been playing nonstop, getting absolutely nothing accomplished (to include regular blog updates, eating, sleeping, and preparing for the holidays). I blame archaeology.

What else is going on with me in the Warcraft universe? My former squid is now Rouba Goldberg, goblin shamantrepreneur. Her hair is so cute. I love everything about her and I’m going to make as many goblins as I can. You can’t stop me!

The tiny new areas and vignettes Blizzard added in the spaces between zones are absolutely amazing. My guild leader showed me a grassy green field high above Mulgore that was rife with bloodthirsty critters like this:

Every so often the rabbits grab axes in their wee mouths, the prairie dogs don helmets and stabby knives, or the mice put on skull hats to go with their double-barreled pistols and unleash fury on their fuzzy, adorable competition–each other.

I even found something not too far from there to use in a writing challenge post on Monday, but since I’m tired that will have to be a secret until then. Have a good weekend, y’all, and happy leveling!


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