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March 24, 2011 / Bika

Parenting and Procrastination

All right, let’s get started with this “Thursday” crapola. We’ll make it quick because the familiar residue of infinite frantic plant orgies has covered the world in an itchy, itchy yellow blanket of allergens, making me feel, well, itchy. Thanks, plants, for giving me oxygen to breathe. For this, I will forgive you your copious and flagrant pollinated indiscretions. All over my car.

First, the weekly plug for my Divas post. It went up yesterday, but so did my baby pulp, and I forgot to mention it: When Punishments Don’t Work. It’s a fairly accurate summary of how I learned to be a better parent this school year and what to do when your kid is too smart for his or her own good.

Next: Procrastination, my old friend! So nice to see you. (Dick.)

It’s kind of really awkward to write posts about my writing plans, stories, and schedules, then go back and see my progress is stalled. The combination of insecurity (“why would anyone want to read this”-itis happens to every writer. If they deny it, they are lying), plot hang-ups and laziness (bad monkey! Write more!) have combined to create a writing black hole from which I am taking steps to extricate myself.

Taking a break to write the silly Blue-Turned-Superhero story was good. Doing something, as opposed to banging my head against a wall, makes a Bika happy. Next, I plan to beat procrastination by digging up a nice Break-related post for Fiction Friday tomorrow. It will be another excerpt, or a short fic from elsewhere in the Break setting. That’s because I have a few parallel stories in mind for worldbuilding that have zero chance of ending up in the story, but are interesting on their own merit.

At least, I like to think so.

Now that’s done, it’s time for a zyrtec-and-coffee cocktail before I dig in. Peace!


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  1. Itanya Blade / Mar 24 2011 2:59 pm

    What, you make plans and then things don’t quite come out the way you intend? I’ve never had that happen at all, ever.

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