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April 21, 2011 / Bika

Twitchy McGee and the Standing Desk

I built a new desk configuration on Sunday (read my Divas post about it here) and the last few days have been full of various adjustments, both to the desk and my habits.

Did you know that it takes a LOT of books to prop up four corners of a woodworker’s board? My first rig attempt only used four books, some cans and a pair of copy paper packets, but was a full 4″ too short for optimal keyboard placement. Hunching over to type was one of the things I was trying to avoid in the first place. With the help of my Stephen King hardcovers (ALL of them), I raised the platform to a nice, even 12″ lift. Side benefit: Now it looks like my desk was built intentionally with book pillars. I feel like I just got a library-geek makeover.

In the four days since going chairless, I’ve gotten more shit done around the house than I normally would in 2 weeks’ time. Part of it comes from having tired-ass feet/legs and needing to move, somewhere, anywhere, so long as it’s moving and not standing at my gorram desk thinking about how badly I want to sit down. The rest comes from feeling infinitely more alert, awake and active. I’ve always been a twitcher, a fidgeter, the kind of girl who will totally geek-dance when she thinks no one is looking. When I’m standing at my desk there’s nothing to prevent me from swaying, swinging, hoppin’ and/or boppin’ to the music in my headset (or just in my head). It’s impossible to be sleepy when you’re wiggling. I no longer feel the need for afternoon naps.

Haven’t written much since I made the switch. I wasn’t sure whether it was avoidance on my part or that I’m almost incapable of holding still long enough to pursue a difficult thought. But then I wrote this post, and it wasn’t very hard. That’s probably a good indicator of being ready to jump back into the writing thing, even if it means pulling out the new barstool to rest my cheeks once in a while. (Buns! Hehehe! I’m so mature.)

Tomorrow’s Fiction Friday post will be Part iv of The Right of All Horde, courtesy of Mr. Verdus. See you then!


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  1. Mom / Apr 21 2011 1:14 pm

    Good for you! I myself am working on a design for a lounging desk…incorporated with Domino’s delivery, a catheter and colostomy bag and I think I could go viral.

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