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May 11, 2011 / Bika

Couch Potatoes and the Lizard Serenade

As you may’ve read in today’s Divas post, there’s been a shift around these parts. What once was a gamer household is now split more in favor of movies and television than the usual time-killer: the humble MMORPG. We still have Rift and the occasional WoW raid, but now when we’re done with yardwork and home maintenance we turn on the Wii and tap into the wide world of Netflix instant streaming. Do go check out my post when you get a chance; meanwhile I’m going to make some tea and watch this wee green anole lizard strut his stuff on the back porch. I dunno what he’s doing out there, but it looks like he’s singing and showing off his peachy neck-ruff to his ladies hidden in the grass.

Cocky little bastard.


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