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May 8, 2012 / Bika

Boxes and Beads

Many years ago I suffered from what is called a “Minor bead addiction,” which means I bought about a metric ton of beads and beading supplies with which I could turn said beads into jewelry, or, heaven forbid, ‘art’. This differs from a Major beading addiction in that I did not lose my house and/or loved one(s) during this time, and from Catastrophic in that I was never found mummified inside my bathtub under 180 pounds of assorted glass beads.

(Such a shiny death.)

Distancing myself from the world of beading, I took up video games. The influx of packages in the mail dwindled to a thin stream, then dried up. There were mountains of beads in my extra room, but even those I eventually packed up and shipped to my mother, nearly as far from me as they could be yet still within the continental United States. Life moved on.

On my return to the nest (here I note that, since moving back in with my parents had nothing to do with my years-ago bead addiction, it still falls squarely in the Minor category) all my lovely bead children greeted me with the same glittering verve and cheek as the day I left them. I would swear they were happy to see me. Their voices rang in my head when I slept (thin and sweet, if you wondered, like the wobbly crystal pitch of a wet finger drawn over the rim of a waterglass). I had missed them.

Now I make beaded jewelry to sell, which covers the costs of getting more supplies to continue crafting, selling, and packaging. Building a customer base is as slow as I remember, but my friends are good to me and occasionally invest in a shiny trinket or two.

Which brings me to my point (yes, I do have one, shut up). Yesterday I had enough money in my bead fund to put toward some shipping materials. (Until now I’ve used gift wrap and tissue paper to cushion my things, as though I might ward off damages with festive stripes and polka dots.) Imagine my glee when this arrived the very next day:

I stripped off the tape…

…some random paper…

…and found another box…


I couldn’t resist opening one to see if it would contain yet another box, like one of those crazy nesting  matryoshka dolls. Sadly, it did not. Wait, maybe under the polyfill?

It was worth a try, anyway.

That was a really roundabout way to tell you about my new jewelry boxes, wasn’t it? Clearly I’m not writing enough or I wouldn’t have to let off so much verbal steam when I make a post. Sorry!


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  1. Verdus / May 9 2012 2:16 am

    It’s Boxception! We have to box deeper!

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